PQI 380 On-the-Run (OTR)

Non-Nuclear Roller Mounted Asphalt Density

Introducing the next big thing! TransTech Systems Non-Nuclear Roller Mounted Asphalt Density Device (OTR). This product is a noncontact, on-the-run, real time system for monitoring the density of HMA during road construction. This product mounts directly to asphalt rollers.

Some highlights of the OTR...

  • Provides real-time asphalt density measurements during rolling, unlike current intelligent compaction systems
  • US highway design specifications for asphalt are based on density, density is reported directly - meeting industry need
  • Easy Integration - CAN output allows use with GPS data logging systems to capture geo-located, two-dimensional compaction
  • Flexible installation, ability to mount to a wide variety of rollers
  • Pushcart mounting options available

Coming Soon!